Masterclass – Emotional Eating

Jan 7, 2019Emotional Eating, Masterclass, Stage 2, Stage 3

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Welcome to our Masterclass about Emotional Eating with psychologist Julie Pelletier, from

To truly become an intuitive eater we need to honour our appetite by eating when hungry and stopping when full. This also means we need to eat for physical hunger reasons, not for reasons of emotional hunger.

In order to do that, we need to learn how to overcome the desire to eat for emotional reasons. So in this Masterclass, Julie Pelletier explains:

  • What emotions are,
  • 5 commonly held myths about emotions,
  • The Avoidant Strategies we may use to cope with emotions (like, yes, emotional eating),
  • And Julie offers a range of tools and strategies to help us cope with difficult emotions instead of turning to food.