Boosting Your Satisfaction – Mindful Eating Checklist

Apr 8, 2019Checklist, Discover Satisfaction, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5

Discovering the satisfaction factor of food is really important – because then:

  1. Food is bringing joy to your life, and
  2. We’re less likely to overeat when the food we eat is satisfying.

In our Mini-Training: Satisfaction & Enjoying Your Food we looked at the different factors that influence our satisfaction from food and 5 ways we can boost our satisfaction.

This Mindful Eating Checklist now takes all of those principles and combines them with what we learnt from the Distraction Checklist to create a simple guide for you to follow when learning how to eat mindfully and enhance your satisfaction from each meal.

Action: Download the Mindful Eating Checklist now and then choose a meal-time each day when you can practice your mindful eating.

You’re much more likely to hear your fullness cues arriving and be able to honour them and stop eating, if you ensure you’re getting satisfaction from your meals and snacks.

So dig in and start enjoying your food!