Zest Bingo – Accountability

Jun 30, 2019Accountability, All Stages

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Looking for some accountability and a little fun?


You get both with Zest Bingo in July!

Our focus in July is accountability – but not to a diet, or someone else, it’s accountability to yourself.

To help you get started I’ve created a fun bingo board with little activities in each square that you can use to keep yourself moving forward with your eating and relationship with yourself.


What To Do

  • Click on the board above to download a copy
  • Print out the board
  • During July complete each of the activities in the boxes and cross it off the board (only 18 activities and 31 days, so plenty of time)
  • Share with us in our Facebook Group your progress with the board – a photo, a comment, whatever you like

There’ll be spot prizes for Zesties who get stuff done – it doesn’t have to be big stuff, maybe it’s just fun stuff or a great pic… just give it your best shot.

Jennifer xo.