ZEST Enrolment Has Closed

With registration closed, we will now shift our focus to our community and helping them drop the struggle with food, body and weight.


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Jennifer helped me learn how to have things I actually like— without bingeing — and eat them without feeling guilty.

Chocolate biscuits used to call me from the depths of the freezer. In the past, I couldn’t even keep them in the house. Today, I can eat one and then leave the rest in the packet for a few days.

After working with Jennifer, I’m more content with myself and my own body. I’m comfortable with who I am and finding joy in eating again. I feel more confident in my choices around food, what I choose to wear, and what I do with my time.

I have this inner-confidence that my choices are valid, it’s OK to lead my life as I want to, and I don’t have to fulfill other people’s expectations to live a rich and happy life.

Alison H

Zest Client